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Reinventing Retail Experience!!

 It’s noticeable that an increasing number of enterprises are switching to Virtual Assistants replacing the traditional consumer experience into a personalized & conversational interaction. Retailers are pushing their marketing plans into introducing AI based technology and making a feasible path to increase users to shop with a much faster, simple, efficient purchasing and sales.

It’s evident that chatbots are designed in a manner which make the brands more human and approachable to buyers. The virtual assistant act personal in remembering the customers preference along with the convenient mode for 24/7 service. An increasing number of consumers discover and purchase on social media so, chatbots are becoming a crucial part of conversational commerce. Bots provide 24/7 service by which the users get help at any time, on any device & during any point of the user journey.

Virtual Assistants are taking over the world of e-commerce, Cerina Studio helps you to build a chatbot with goals set to streamline your sales process, to improve live chat and support experience enabling customers to chat with an agency at any stage of the process.

Conversational Commerce – Isn’t it a cool sounding concept?

A user research shows that customers are more than ready and willing to shop through virtual assistants.

For the question of how- Cerina Studio</strong style=”text-align: left;> is one such platform that charts a path to connect intelligent, human – centric & futuristic technologies and interactive virtual assistants which takes customer interaction to a higher level with the facility of integrating with leading messaging applications like; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Microsoft Teams etc. and allowing easy communication.

Here are some features of a virtual assistant that provides a reinventing retail experience:

  • Discover: Your products are just a message away, reach more potential buyers.
  • Explore: Your customers can browse more products and reach out to you.
  • Buy: Customers will find out the right item and buy directly from the chat
  • Order Status: Track your orders quickly from the chatbot itself.
  • Easy return or cancel: returning or canceling is made easy by virtual assistant.
  • Deals & offers: Check out the latest deals & offers for the day.
  • Modify your order: Change delivery address, contact details etc.
  • Share your product & purchase details with your friends through leading social media applications.
  • Customers will get alerts/notifications of their product deliveries, delays, offers and any other information.
  • Live Agent: Get connected with a human at any point of conversation with the chatbot for support.

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