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Flawless Automated Insurance Assistant!!

 The technology growth and digitization in each and every industry is growing in a way which makes it hard to look past it. The Covid-19 Pandemic has made business more challenging to operate, but at the same time it has shown technology a way to infuse into businesses and change the traditional way of work into a seamless and effective work life.

 The insurance companies have started realizing the digital innovations, changes the businesses organization and customers interaction with businesses.

Human agent being one of the most important aspects for communication with customers in the insurance industry is seeing a downfall in sales and the business is facing a lot of trouble, the pandemic has shown a way for digital transformations for insurance domain.

The first thought for every customer in Insurance Industry is lengthy forms, questionnaires, onerous background checks, staff scarcity, & poor customer services. Insurance Companies face a lot of trust issues for which they need to work harder for onboarding new customers and retaining the older ones.

Virtual Assistants can be implemented here by which insurance industry can top up their game and communicate with humans using AI.

Virtual Assistants are a cost saving solution to offer customers an enhanced customer assistance, generate leads, provide a personalized customer service, automate monotonous tasks. On the other hand it helps customers with round the clock access, easy to use and get accurate data of the insurances plans and terms, check policy status and many more..

For the question of how- Cerina Studio is one such platform that charts a path to connect intelligent, human – centric & futuristic technologies and interactive virtual assistants which takes customer interaction to a higher level with the facility of integrating with leading messaging applications like; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Microsoft Teams etc. and allowing easy communication.

Here are some features of a virtual assistant that provides a reinventing retail experience:

  • Add About Us option giving new customers insights on the company.
  • One click away to understand the Term Insurance Plans.
  • Have a Benefits Option, helping you learn all the benefits for the plan.
  • Understand the payment methods directly on the chat screen.
  • Easily check all the Terms & Conditions with just a click.
  • Simply Apply for an insurance plan by providing basic details and receive an application number.
  • Understand the Eligibility criteria
  • Understand the Status of your application at any moment.

Count on Cerina Studio to revamp the Insurance Methods with emerging technology. Hurry Up and Get Started: Request a Demo


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