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In today’s world of scalable web and mobile applications, startups can build backends with Cerina App Engine, a cloud-based platform that allows them to program virtually without any coding language. It handles everything else, such as traffic management, load balancing, health checking,‌ ‌and‌ ‌updates. With Cerina App Engine, you can build and deploy Databases or APIs at scale with full management. Cerina App engine provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. Using app engine, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored either in the underlying data platform. The Cerina app engine enables you to automate your manual business processes by building apps that offer rich business logic and workflow capabilities. Additionally, apps built with the Cerina app engine can run seamlessly in browsers as well as on mobile devices (phones and tablets). The Cerina’s App Engine democratizes the experience of building custom business applications by empowering its users to build fully featured apps without coding.

The App Engine handles various routine tasks related to the Web application’s life cycle, such as if there is a particular business unit where a task management API needs to be built for an IT Assistant, it can be easily done through our App Engine. In this way eventually Cerina Studio is helping businesses to reduces the dependency on multiple support systems, in the end saving cost and time. Like this, any domain where there is a requirement of a CRM to be in place for effective working of the Virtual Assistant such as handling requests, checking the application status, updating the application version, working with databases, and handling workflow, all of these can be built easily through our Zero Coding Engine.

Cerina App Engine provides the following services:


  • To build and deploy scalable applications
  • This platform manages the server and infrastructure for the application server in a flexible environment
  • Supports developer tools


Build Applications now at ease with Cerina Studio’s App Engine. It is one such platform feature that helps in development and maintenance of micro applications. Businesses can build workflow apps powered by conversational interfaces, within no time and zero coding.

1. Available round the clock: The Cerina App Engine is the best choice for developers who wish to develop applications remotely while our severs will manage the infrastructure requirements.

2. Faster approach/ reach to market: In order to make your web applications successful, it is essential that they launch as soon as possible because requirements may change if the project takes longer. Developing apps using Cerina app engine can get as easy as it is for a developer. Testing time can be minimized and ensures faster launch time.

3. Develop app using zero coding/ zero coding app development: Let everyone build the app they need with advanced functionality. Give your teams the power to start building apps right away. It is easy to deploy and manage the code when there is zero configuration and server management. The simplicity of the platform makes it easy to use, so that you can concentrate on administering a number of concurrent web processes and applications.

4. More Savings less efforts: There are no set-up costs or maintenance fees, so users can take advantage of Cerina App Engine without hesitation. Developers can build applications for free.

5. Create Chatbots through App engines: An app engine is an easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining smart chatbots with no coding interface. App‌ ‌developers can easily create and manage chatbots directly from Cerina‌ ‌app‌ ‌engine.

6. Data and privacy: You can keep your web applications safe and running with the engine and protect them from harm through our sever called the white label.

7. Traffic management and Flexibility: Different versions of the apps are automatically routed to the app engine when incoming traffic arises. With right traffic management you can succeed in the business sector. Growth ensures success and competitiveness.

You do not have to worry about provisioning and managing a data center that scales to meet your demand. Cerina App Engine takes care of all of that. You can just focus on building the best possible app for your users. When developing an application with an app engine you do not have to use any coding language you can focus on the apps and let Cerina App Engine take care of database administration, server configuration, load balancing and everything else. App engine makes you more productive by reducing the need to write. Manage services such as task queues and the users API will help you build world class applications.

Count on Cerina Studio to revamp the service methods with emerging technology.

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