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When it comes to digital marketing for restaurants, there are several options to consider. Chatbots are one of those avenues. Customers can communicate with restaurant chatbots without human assistance. With chatbots becoming the mainstream, various industries are using them as they provide better customer interaction options and less intrusive means to communicate. Assisted by virtual assistants, chatbots handle many routine tasks automatically without any supervision, management or authorization required from humans.

By integrating a chatbot, you can offer menus, table availability and provide reservation management, so your customers no longer must make phone calls, wait in line for service, or even wait on hold to make reservations. Also, restaurants need not have exclusive staff for their customers. Chatbots also help in ordering food, answering questions (FAQ’s) and processing payment. The difference between human executive and chatbot is that a chatbot can run all day without downtime.

Here’s what makes a great hospitality chatbot:

  1. Exhibit your menu: Often the restaurants make a mistake of exhibiting large menu with too many options which ends up confusing the customers hence the chatbot helps in keeping the menu short and tasty by prioritizing your cravings.
  2. Personalized food recommendation: Today’s customers want personalized experiences, so you must be able to understand their choices. Also, they recommend some of their best reviewed dishes by other customers.
  3. Deliver & takeaway: By offering delivery and takeaway services, an order can be placed on your app without a phone call or switching to a website by making it easier for customers. While engaging with the chatbot, they can message you directly and place an order.
  4. Booking and cancelling reservations: Chatbot will keep the customers notified about their reservations so that they can keep a track of their reservations as well as change or cancel their booking in case of any emergency. Changes are updated immediately hassle-free.
  5. Pay Securely and build loyalty: By integrating the chatbot with POS systems, customers can not only place orders but also complete payments without any hesitation. We give utmost importance privacy and preserve your personal details securely.

We at KeyPoint Technologies, Cerina studios can help you build chatbots that are available 24/7 at your service. Chatbots in restaurants can cultivate customer relationships and stay in touch with customers continuously. Suggestions are shown based on personal preferences. These capabilities of chatbots can make your restaurant and food chain business generate great revenues.

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