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Seamless E-Learning Experience!!


In the worst affected times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, technology has surfaced as a way out for the Education Industry.

The Education Industry is eyeing at Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Assistants; AI & Chatbots in Education: Is this the FutureHold?

Today a number of big names are using AI developed Chatbots/ Virtual Assistants to increasing their engagement with customers and reach a bigger market. The growing use of technology in day-to-day life is changing the way students learn & absorb information. Virtual Assistants that are built to improve the student-teacher interaction & collaboration is paving as the game-changer in the Education-Tech World.

Virtual Assistants being cost-effective yet a valuable way to hold students & streamline the process efficiently and here’s how:

“As the new generation is actively involved with technology and growing with it, teaching them about tech and programs will be only preparing them for the wider world and thus making the teacher’s job much easy.”

For the question of how- Cerina Studio is one such platform that charts a path to connect intelligent, human – centric & futuristic technologies and interactive virtual assistants which takes student interaction to a higher level with the facility of integrating with leading messaging applications like; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype etc. and allowing easy communication.

Students can interact with the assistant on their desired platform which would respond instantly.

Isn’t that cool??

Here are some features of a virtual assistant that provides a seamless e-learning experience:

  • An Intelligent Tutoring System, providing a personalized environment according to the student.
  • Enhanced Student Engagement.
  • Efficient Teaching Assistants.
  • Better Student Support.
  • 24/7 Help to students.
  • The institutions are acquainted with the latest information.
  • Smart Feedbacks.
  • Call-back form; a method for faculty to address all student queries.
  • Video Guides
  • Document Uploads
  • Integration of any Subject APIs; dynamic uploading of data for any mocks, verbal tests, etc.

Count on Cerina Studio to revamp the Educational Methods with emerging technology. Hurry Up and Get Started: Request a Demo

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