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The Automation Industry has taken a rapid pace and evolved the traditional way of communications within organization from emails, phones etc. to more real time conversational platforms built with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language.

With the pace of technology growing, the expectations on the delivery of each employee have increased a lot, in such a situation no employee has the time to raise a lengthy ticket to IT Helpdesk for his/her issue to be solved and wait for hours for it to get resolved. In the digital ecosystem, real time engagement is the key to efficiency. With Virtual Assistants, the support for IT Helpdesk in a company can be made more efficient and employee friendly for usage.

Also, in these unprecedented times like the Pandemic, where employees are working from home, the IT Departments are being loaded with very basic issues to real time big queries. For the IT Helpdesk to work efficiently an AI based Virtual Assistant is the only solution to address issues at a rapid pace and efficiently where all basic issues can be handled through the bot.

Industry reports estimate $8 billion in annual savings from chatbots, with 80 percent of businesses considering implementing them

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Automation is the key industry priority among IT leaders and hence virtual assistants/chatbots are considered the next-generation automation tool in order to achieve more employee satisfaction with less human effort. These chatbots are used to deflect trivial tickets being sent to human agents and solve regular basic queries at a much faster pace and 24*7. They can be programmed to learn from their failed encounters for better performance.

It’s a fact that employee work satisfaction is one of the key aspects for businesses to flourish and providing such an environment is a priority for the company management. An employee faces a lot of issues and common queries when it comes to the IT Department and a lot of the simple doubts can be solved with basic answers whose process can be programmed with an IT Virtual Assistant. This in a whole will save time, money, human workload and keeping work satisfaction as priority as issues will be dealt faster.

Isn’t that cool??

How does a Virtual Assistant help?

IT Department:

  • Proactive Employee Interaction
  • Time & Resource Saving
  • Faster ticket resolution
  • Cost optimization  


  • 24*7 IT Helpdesk Service.
  • Better Self-Service
  • Answers to simple questions
  • Instant Response

Here are some features of a virtual assistant that provides a seamless IT Helpdesk experience:

  • Real-time enquiry. 
  • Ticket Categorization & Assignment
  • Password Reset
  • Access Provisioning/Deprovisioning
  • Agent Assist
  • Automated Workflows
  • Knowledge Management
  • Verifying Ticket Status.                                                  
  • Latest News relating to IT. 
  • Integrations of SDK in Android & IOS.

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