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Ask T-Aadab: Guidebook for your travel across Telangana!

T-Aadab has been brought into picture with a view to provide the users with the detailed information of tourist attractions in Telangana, connectivity and accommodations across Telangana. T-Aadab helps the users/tourists get a quick and complete insight of the tourist attractions like the historical details, its importance and the reasons for it to be a must visit place in Telangana, which in turn attracts the users to visit that place.

T-Aadab also helps the tourist department on the other hand to serve the user with all kinds of information related to tourism anytime by just visiting the website and chatting with the bot. The advantage of having the bot enabled is that it provides service 24/7. T-Aadab provides the tourist with all the necessary information and makes easy interactions with the tourists.

Let us now take a glance on the most common questions that come to our mind when we start planning for our trip.


You can get to know all the details needed for an accommodation of the place that the user is visiting by just asking the bot. This will get you the list of hotels with the related information to go ahead with the bookings.

Places to visit:

A traveler aims always to fit in maximum places in a visit to make the most of the trip. T-Aadab helps you get the list of places, schedule your day and make your trip a memorable one.

Tourist packages:

Getting the best tourist packages is a helping hand when you are planning a trip to a place which you are completely unaware of, this being one of the most important information that the bot can provide you with. After having the list of packages, you could select if any of them can help you plan your travel.


Connectivity details need to be well planned for a tour to be successful, especially when it is a family trip. To make this easy, talking to the bot helps you know the ways of commute and helps you plan accordingly.

Details of the place:

Trips are best when you have each and every detail of the place you are visiting, for this T-Aadab  helps you to know everything about that place and lets you decide if and why it is worth visiting that location.

Change in plan:

Any hurdle for which your trip is cancelled or delayed, don’t worry! You can ask the bot directly for an online cancellation and rebooking to dates that are feasible with you.

Telangana tourism website enabled with T-Aadab helps you in deciding the places to visit, accommodations, ways to commute within that area. Also, the bot suggests you the must try cuisine for your trip. You can now just visit the Telangana Tourism site at and say Hello to T-Aadab to plan your next vacation at ease.

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