Conversational ai platform

As there is increase in development of Internet and technology there are
many changes and advancements being made to have better surfing experience.
The developers are focusing more on personalizing the experiences of the
people according
to the user’s convenience. With the growing data, Marketing
Automation and Artificial Intelligence
are coming up to the level of one-to-one
personalization i.e., one bot to one consumer

These Virtual Assistants are capable of many amazing features from serving as
personal stylists to booking trips as virtual agents.Virtual Assistants/Chatbots
have made our lives easier by not having to wait for our turn to
speak with customer care agents


It creates personalized messaging experience and blur the lines
between Human and Bots by enabling customers to accomplish nearly
. If the personalization of these virtual assistants is done correctly,
customers can get what they want even faster. They save a lot of time and money.
Chatbots are capable of storing the information offered by the users and show
recommendations as per the customers interests.


Similarly,Cerina Studio is one platform that provides their users with best of
personalized bots for their day-to-day activities.


CERINA STUDIO: A Conversational App Development Platform.


The Cerina Studio platform offers the right mix of smart, futuristic technologies
covering NLP, Behavioral AI, Smart ERP and Interactive Chatbots that can
help the convergence of these technologies with modern consumer products that
engages and elevates the lifestyle experiences of today’s consumers. For
Example, people Love Travelling, since the time social media has made its way in
all our lives, most of the people have started travelling and exploring new


There comes a virtual assistant to our rescue.


Cerina Studio helps to personalize and help us book tickets and keeps a track of
it. Personalized chatbots can suggest us few places of interest as per our
requests, since they collect our data for the same reason. This collected data
can make the experience of the user easier and more convenient. Travelling is
made hassle-free with this advanced virtual assistants/chatbots.


Cerina Studios can develop such AI based personalized virtual assistants
that can improve company and customer relations across various Industries.
It increases customer retentions through delivering great customer satisfaction
with a short turnaround times and easy communications.


Count on Cerina Studio to revamp the businesses with emerging technology.


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